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TRC Services

TRC Services is committed to providing the highest level of professionalism and expertise to YOUR project, plan, training or exercise. Our SME’s work in the most reputable departments and agencies in the country and come from fire, law enforcement, emergency management and private sector. Their combined experience includes fire and emergency response, technical rescue, hazardous materials, Weapons of Mass Destruction, counterterrorism for the first responder, Rad/Nuc response, DHS/FEMA projects, disease/epidemic containment and treatment, and Active Shooter/Aggressive Deadly Behavior.

When it comes to high threat emergency planning, response and coordination, our experience with State and Federal programs and integration provides an in depth understanding of the full spectrum of response, from pre-incident planning and localized incidents to large scale disasters.

TRC Services has collaborated on projects such as the development of custom Disaster and Emergency Plans, technology solutions for first responders, strategic planning, partnerships and integration, exercise support and Site Safety/Security evaluations.