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We live in a world that is dependent upon the use of chemicals: to treat our water, produce our medications, manufacture and protect our clothing and in general provide wherewithal to the maintenance of life. When handled properly these chemicals pose minimal risk to us and the ecosystem.

ESP’s mission is to provide our clients with professional and competent service while enabling them to meet and exceed their EHS goals and objectives. We will accomplish these tasks with innovative, practical, cost effective and lasting solutions using the technical expertise that ESP Consulting has brought to our clients over the years. We specialize in the planning and implementation of programs related to chemical management directed at achieving regulatory compliance and allaying public concerns. We create and provide programs oriented to the establishment and maintenance of risk at an acceptable level.

All of our professionals have extensive hands-on experience in emergency response, industrial hygiene, chemical education, safety and security programs, crisis management programs and human resource strategies that result in team management and leadership development.