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In late 2003 Al Carlson, President of Equilox, learned that he urgently needed DOT Hazmat training for his staff, he contacted CHEMTREC who placed a call to the Responder.

Al is in the farrier (horse shoe) supply business. They ship horse hoof adhesive all over the world via air-freight Al wasn’t initially aware that his staff was required to be trained under the DOT regulation. The Responder, Manny Ehrlich provided the required training on very short notice. After the completion of the DOT training, and late in the day, while Manny was still at Equilox, he had an opportunity to review general safety and OSHA issues with the Equilox staff. Manny’s service did not stop there. He provided Al with a letter to give to the FAA indicating that he had provided the training and detailing the content. .

When he was asked about Manny and his service, Al could not hold back the compliments. Al proudly said, “Manny is the best and gives superior service”. He also added, “the training is so thorough, and at a good price”. Manny gives his customers more than just basic training. He follows up with his customers after their training has been completed. Manny said. “The bottom line is that many companies know that they need to do some regulatory training so I help them figure out exactly what it is that they need to know’.

Extracted from American Chemistry Council News, Issue 57, Summer 2004. Comments obtained from interview with Al Carlson.