CHEMTREC®, the internationally recognized chemical emergency response center several years ago undertook the provision of an enhanced service to its registrants, through the CHEMTREC® RESPONDER™ Program.

RESPONDER™ is a multidisciplinary, scientific consulting organization comprised of seasoned emergency responders with specialized expertise in the training, safety, industrial hygiene and environmental compliance arenas. RESPONDER™ is led by Manny Ehrlich, a well established trainer, facilitator, emergency response incident manager and on-call chemist to CHEMTREC®

CHEMTREC® RESPONDER™ is designed to augment the 24/7 emergency communication service included in the basic CHEMTREC® registration, by offering training, expanded incident management, and emergency preparedness services to CHEMTREC® members at cost effective rates.

CHEMTREC® RESPONDER™ membership provides full-service emergency response management including:

  • Direct interaction with the scene, from telephone contact to on-site attendance, depending on the severity of the incident;
  • Dispatch and follow-up with emergency response contractors;
  • Notifications to federal, state, provincial and local agencies;
  • Comprehensive after-incident report; and
  • Arrangements for material or waste management

For further information about CHEMTREC® RESPONDER™, including program design and pricing information, contact Manny Ehrlich at (877) 756-4666 (office) or 973-809-6700 (cell) to discuss your specific needs.