We live in a world that is dependent upon chemicals, to treat our water, develop our medications, manufacture and protect our clothing and in general provide sustenance to maintain life. When handled properly these chemicals pose minimal risk to us. However there are times when incidents occur that pose and enhance risk to the eco system. Whether they occur at fixed facilities or in transportation our company provides professional training and consultation to be able to handle incidents after they occur, as well as providing the tools necessary to prevent their occurrence.

All of our professionals have hands on experience in emergency response, industrial hygiene, chemistry education, safety and security programs, crisis management programs and human resource strategies that result in team and leadership development.

Recently Responder and CHEMTREC (Chemical Transportation Emergency Center) announced a unique undertaking between the two organizations – the CHEMTREC Responder program. CHEMTREC is an internationally recognized emergency response center providing 24/7 emergency communication services to its members. With the implementation of this program, CHEMTREC is able to offer its registrants a broad spectrum of training and incident management services, on a cost effective basis.