• Important! New OSHA Hazardous Communication Standard

    ESP Consulting is offering training on the new OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, which is regarded as one of the most important and far reaching and pieces of legislation in decades.
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  • Evaluations

    We develop custom competency benchmarking for each customer, specifically based on their individual needs. This allows for proper evaluation of employees with respect to their knowledge and ability to come into compliance with the many individual requirements . These evaluations provide predictors for expected outcomes. Read more…

  • Education

    Education addresses the know why component. Know how is learning to Think Other People’s Thoughts, vs. learning to Think Your Own Thoughts. While Know How and Know Why are essential at one moment or another , they interact all of the time. Thus the center of gravity of education is and must be the Know Why. Read more…



We are firmly committed to establishing a distinction between know how and know why. By having us conduct your various programs you may rest assured that our training thoroughly prepared participants in the know how of the various tasks being offered.

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Our commitment to our clients is that we will always provide a consultant with the requisite skills and knowledge in the arena in which they are being employed.

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ESP evaluates each client’s goals and objectives and offers customized programs to train and or educate their personnel. Our team is comprised of both trainers and educators to offer you a comprehensive package.

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